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Inventcom PrintShopCMS

The development of web technology is apparent in every industry also the printing one. Customers want to get a quick preview of the full range and prices. Older systems in which the offer is described in words and determine the details/submit specific contract requires absolute understanding of service are being replaced by systems to ensure quick and automatic execution of orders for the benefit of the customer and the owner of the platform.

Inventcom PrintShopCMS is a sales platform dedicated to printers and printing companies that want to increase sales with a modern and attractive presentation of the offer and fully automatic rapid mechanism of the procurement.

Applications and Benefits:
  • Attractive product presentation with graphical icons, parameters to choose from and the possibility of ordering a specific output (eg leaflets A4 offset varnish 150g)

  • Ability to add files with the project design or to add an order - after selecting print type customer can upload a file or many files with own graphical project.

  • Full orders service - customer and the system administrator have the ability to view or add project files and statuses approval or orders. Implementer of the order can accept projects or add solicited projects to order and also approve or manage projects for the amendment.

If interested we can present you the fully interactive demo showing key features and benefits of the system. Application for access to demos should be sent to the address

Integration with the company software
Our products can be integrated with the software used in the company. This means the possibility of integration with WMS (warehouse), CRM, procurement databases, products database and even powerful ERP systems.

Integration with online payment
On-line payments can be integrated with any of our modules. They allow fast and convenient payment for any of the goods or services.

Integration with auction systems
The possibility of automatic listing your products from our systems to auction.

Integration with products` comparators
Products placed in our system may be advertised in all price comparison sites.

Integration with courier and postal companies
Orders of the system can be plugged in using the API to courier systems - it means the ability to track implementation of shipping.

Integration with systems collecting opinions about the services and products
Services should be integrated with databases of information about websites themselves (gathering positive feedback from users) and databases with opinion about products (databases with opinions and evaluations of products)

Integration with tracking and traffic optimizing systems
The basis for the development is a full knowledge of the origins and the course of traffic on the Internet. This is done by the most Traffic Analysis Tools.

Integration with loyalty and partner programs
Customer relations should be based on partnership and loyalty systems, it increases the number of permanent contracts.

  • Nokia
  • XTRF
  • Kompania Biurowa
  • Beerpubs
  • Biuro Inwestycji Kapitałowych
  • Vivasanit
  • Simply Business
  • Enix
  • Sergio Leone
  • Organika-Azot SA
  • Coch
  • Viessmann
  • Interbau
  • Krakstone
  • Daniken
  • El-Sigma

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