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Carried out a survey on people viewing real estate portals and websites showed that over 50% of them were not satisfied with how offers are presented (sale or rent the apartments, offices and others)

This translates, in many cases, the low sales or the number of rented premises. VisualEstate web application allows to effectively present the entire investment, so that browsing customer has built a favorable opinion of this convenient way to reach all interesting information.

Using a simple system VisualEstate CMS you can set the status of the rooms (free/busy/reserved) and enter all the parameters (price, area, plans, technical data sheets, descriptions). This solution shorten the time needed to manage the investment and get the best results from these activities.

Case Study: See working app in our portfolio >

  1. View of the building with a choice of floor (by moving the mouse)
  2. Throw on a floor with visible all the apartments/offices/surfaces with selected states (free/busy) and short information on hover
  3. After selecting the area can see the details (size, description, price, photo or technical data) The application is flexible and depending on what materials you have or can provide customer there are pictures, drawings or descriptions of the same premises.


  • Increased profits from the sale / lease through its impressive and functional visualization.

  • Advertising investments by integrating the system with social networking sites (by 1liking this1) and a mechanism for prompt friends
  • Fast and smooth overview of the entire project - without long and daunting refreshes and recharges the transitions between

  • CMS system - quickly input parameters to the investment
  • Placing through the CMS media elements to the premises: photos, virtual walks, 360st panoramas, animation and speed which increase the attractiveness of presentation
  • Statuses for each room by CMS (free, occupied, reserved).

  • In addition, an effective searching engine - inputed data can be searched and filtered by m2, price, floor, etc..

  • Nokia
  • XTRF
  • Kompania Biurowa
  • Beerpubs
  • Biuro Inwestycji Kapitałowych
  • Vivasanit
  • Simply Business
  • Enix
  • Sergio Leone
  • Organika-Azot SA
  • Coch
  • Viessmann
  • Interbau
  • Krakstone
  • Daniken
  • El-Sigma

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